Search Process
Our Search Process has proven to be extremely successful for both our clients and placed candidates. Our Search Process consists of:

  • Client Requirements - We work with our client to determine all of the requirements of the client as well as client preferences.

  • Job Analysis –We review the job description with our client to develop a competitive market search specification to attract the top talent with the best fit.

  • Research - We work with our client to research the industry niche, marketplace and competitors to formulate a strategy to obtain the best candidate.

  • Recruiting by Telephone- Using the data obtained above, we will telephone contact candidates a minimum of fifty potential candidates to identify the best candidates.

  • Evaluation - We will interview and evaluate the top candidates selected and determine which candidates is the best fit for our client as well as the best fit for the candidate.

  • Reference checks - We will thoroughly and extensively check references to validate the candidates are indeed top talent.

  • Presentation - We will present to our client the selected few that are both the top talent and best fit.

  • Negotiation - We will effectively communicate with both the client and the candidate. Areas of compensation, relocation, start date, work schedule, travel etc. To assure that both expectations are being met and that the marriage becomes a win-win situation for all parties.

  • Follow-up – After the candidate starts work. We will communicate with the client and the candidate to assure the best fit has been obtained.


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