Clinical VP of Marketing

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Scottsdale, AZ
$90,000 - $100,000
Job Type
Direct Hire
May 10, 2017
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A Vice President of Marketing would serve as a Leader in all aspects of the marketing of the company. The VP of Marketing must have prior dental experience and must be a strong leader. The VP of Marketing will be reporting to the President.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Lead the creation of all digital and non-digital marketing materials including:
• Websites
• Catalogues
• Brochures and fact sheets
• Surveys
• Email and fax promotions
2. Implementation of key strategies for distribution of all advertisements, mailers, and announcements:
• Packaging of clinical programs
• Marketing tracks (clinical courses)
• Marketing core modules (clinical courses)
• Marketing special interests programs
3. Developing and directing the experience including:
• Event planning (in co-ordination with the event manager)
• Registration process (in co-ordination with the sales manager)
• Logistics of packages (golf, spa, etc…)
4. Maintaining strong industry partnerships with key players; ensuring they bring their teams for regional and sales programs.
• Leverage of industry people, programs, and media to include magazines, direct mailers, emails, industry partnership initiatives, etc.
5. Responsible for all lead generation for the sales force (make the phone ring)
6. Managing their team
• Creative director
• Graphic artist
• Web designer
• Writer
• Public Relations
• Event Manager and team
• Mail room
7. Lead the creation, management, and upkeep of Online.
8. Creation and implementation of overall marketing strategy (Leveraging existing resources).
9. Work with the VP of Sales on retention
10. Product sales: DVD’s, online education etc…

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